Week in the Life 2014 // Wednesday

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So if you’re following along with #weekinthelife or maybe even doing your own #weekinthelife it’s easy to see that…we do a lot of the same things every single day.  For me, I get up, I exercise, I take the dog for a walk.  I eat the same mini omelets, drive Kate to school, mess around with Michael, try to complete work in the afternoons while Michael naps and I half play a cupcake matching game with Kate and half work.  We walk the dog again and have dinner.  Then bath and bed for the kids and then Dan and I settle on the couch for Scandal or Sons of Anarchy or Modern Family.

But what’s wrong with that?  So we do a lot of the same things.  But there’s a lot of beauty in those small routines.

Take bath time, for example.  I do it every night.  But when I take a moment to really see my children, see their faces, there’s something magically lovely in these little moments of routine.

  • Your kids are super cute! I have realized when I am doing week in the life I do the same thing pretty much every day! 🙂

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