Week in the Life 2014 // Friday

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Woohoo Friday!  I taught RPM and scooted home to walk Belle.  On Tuesday I was wearing shorts, as it was 80 degrees.  But not Friday!  Brr!  It’s downright chilly.  But I’m not complaining.  It’s time.

Got Kate off to school then Michael and I went to his music class (Yes, another music class, different from Monday’s music class.  What can I say, we love music class!).  Then we scooped up Kate from school and spent about 45 minutes at a sweet Halloween party hosted by one of her preschool classmates.

At home I worked while also wearing my mommy hat.  Some days this is rough.  And some days, like this day, I’m in a good flow.  I’ve noticed that when I just let my mommy work and my work work flow (rather that fight against each other), I do better.  I’m learning.  I’m managing.  I’m way more efficient than I was.  In fact, I’d say that I’ve moved on from treading water to succeeding.

Dan gets home from work early so we can make it over to my friend’s house so our girls can trick or treat together.  Kate goes as a fairy.  Michael goes as…nothing!  Whomp, whomp!  Sorry, Michael!  He didn’t even notice, though.  He was too busy just running from house to house.

Kate and her sweet little friend, Allie, had a great time (Side note: Kate and Allie have been friends since they were only a few weeks old!  Allie’s mom, Katie, and I met at a breastfeeding support group when the girls were teeny tiny.).  Kate and Allie told every person at every house: We’re friends trick or treating TOGETHER!


I was the Halloween Manners Patrol, reminding the girls to say “thank you” after each house.  At one point they were so caught up in the excitement they shouted out: YOU’RE WELCOME and ran off to the next house.  Ha!  I told the people at the door that the girls are only four!  They got a great chuckle out of that.

Hope you had a great Halloween!  And YOU’RE WELCOME!

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