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2015 Goals

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I’m not 100% positive, but I think my only goal for 2014 was to survive building our house with all our relationships intact.


So, now that we’re in. We’re here. And we’re all still friends, I’ve been thinking about 2015. This year will bring some (MORE! ACK!) changes to our family. But in a good way. More on this later. Meaning, I’m going to be ultra bendy with how and when these goals get done.

+Okay, so learn how to make dinner. I’m capable of a couple things. Boiling water for pasta. Making casseroles. You’ll notice how both of these things require dumping the entire meal into a pot/dish and then simply waiting for it all to be done.

That’s about the extent of my abilities. Oh, I can also open packages of salad and dump the contents into a bowl.

What I’d like to learn how to do is how to make a multiple dish meal. The issue with this is, I don’t know how to time things. When I’ve tried this in the past, the meat is WELL done while the rest of the meal is frozen or half way cooked.

+Along with that, I’m back into bread. And I think it’s something Kate and I can do together, which is good because I’m forever trying to come up with stuff for us to do at Michael’s nap time.

+I recently finished two books I’ll include in a book report round up for another post. But I’ve realized how much more satisfying it is to read a good book instead of just refresh/refresh/refresh Instagram/Feedly/Pinterest.

+Dan and I don’t get out much. Truth: I’m not a night person. It takes a lot of energy for me to want to wear something other than my pajamas after 5 p.m. But, we’ve got babysitters. And I do love a meal where I can eat with both hands and not have to get up 859 times to tend to someone’s needs.

+Besides Dan, my Mom is my best friend. My iPhone call list reads: Mom, Mom, Mom, Dan, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Dan. Not a day goes by that we don’t talk in some way. But we don’t often get to “talk talk.” We talk on the phone while I have to say, “hang on, Michael’s in the garage again.” Or she has to say, “Sorry, a client’s on the other line, I have to call you back.” Boo. We’re super close. But there’s lots for us to get closer about, especially as we both enter new-ish stages in our lives.

+So. Family fun. We’re the worst at this. Like, the worst. Most weekends Dan and I just tag team to get stuff done. We find it hard to figure out a family activity that Kate (at 4.5) and Michael (out of control toddler) will both like to do. We don’t want to have to travel too far (Michael’s nap time waits for no one!) or spend a million dollars. And, honest talk, the park gets old after the millionth or even second visit. I don’t know what we can do with these two. But we need to figure something out.

+I took Kal’s class on brush script. Loved it. Started practicing. And then we had to pack all our stuff up and put it in a storage unit. So I need to get new brushes and dig up my gouache.

+I’m looking for a way to practice mindfulness. I think yoga would be a nice way. And a much different pace than my usual BodyStep/BodyPump/RPM.

+Oh, the backyard. It needs to be cleaned up, sodded, and made flat. We hope this spring to add a deck and make plans for a garden. I haven’t had the greatest success in gardening in the past, but one reason I gave up was because of a particularly cheeky squirrel who ate all my tomatoes and ravaged my herbs. So this year we’re planning a squirrel barricade so all our hard work doesn’t go to waste.

Okay, so that’s it for now. I think it’s pretty do-able. Ha! My Inkwell Planner (Want one? Here’s a 20% off code.) should be on it’s way to me this week which I hope will help me stay organized an on top of these goals.

What are your goals? How are you going to stay on top of them? Any great advice?

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