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2015 Inkwell Planner

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I hemmed and hawed about planners this year. I wasn’t going to get one. Or maybe I was. No, I’d just use Google calendar. No, I needed a paper planner.

I’ve used Google calendar and a paper planner in tandem for years. To many, it probably seems terrible redundant. To me, it works. Having my schedule in two places ensures I don’t forget things or double book. Plus, sometimes I’m sitting in front of my computer when I need to schedule something, and I don’t have my planner in front of me. And visa versa. So I mark my stuff both places.

(Here’s a post I wrote detailing more on my system.)

The other reason I like a paper planner is for the notes. I love taking notes. Sometimes I take them on my phone. But I like to write things down. I like to keep running lists of post ideas, work ideas, etc… So I use my planner as part planner, part notebook, part goal-keeping space, part journal.

Anyway, after lots of back and forth and many YouTube and blog posts watched/read on various planner reviews, I selected the liveWELL planner from inkWELL Press. It came yesterday, and I love it already. I’d love to share more of my thoughts on the planner, the insides, how I plan my month/weeks/day. Are you interested in that?

I’m addicted to planners. I’ve tried to do away completely with pen and paper. But I just can’t. Planner addicts, unite!

Also, are you interested in one of these planners? Here’s a link for 20% off. It’s affiliate, so that means, you get a discount, and I get credits. #winwin

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