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Thank you all for your super helpful comments on Instagram and Facebook my learn-to-make a meal goal. I so appreciate your thoughts! Last night I put together pasta and meatballs! With a salad. And bread!


Truth time.

I bought Trader Joe’s frozen meatballs. Opened up the jarred sauce. And the salad was a bagged Dole salad. And all I did was slice the bread and toast it.

BUT! I think that totally counts. It was a solid meal. It wasn’t a casserole. And it was all on the table at the same time. And my family gobbled it up.


I’m looking through my cookbooks to see what I want to make next. Definitely want to take it up a notch. Any suggestions?

Also: Trader Joe’s chocolate Joe Joes? The best for calming down a screaming toddler in the middle of Trader Joes. Ain’t no shame in my game. I opened up those babies right there in the store. And silence for everyone.

Have a great weekend!

  • Jennifer Gellar

    I have a toddler as well, and it’s probably best not to pacify with food. It teaches poor eating habits at a young age (emotional eating comes to mind). If you know he will need a snack during your trip, bring a planned one. Or, pick something healthier like freeze dried apple chips (my kid loves this healthy choice). Also, look into cookbooks that are 30 minutes or less. It helps me a ton.

    • Oh, toddlers! Yes, I bring my own snack, but he most often will refuse it! Ha! Got to do whatever I can in those situations!

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