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Podcast #50 // Michele Vaughn on Embracing this Season of Life

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Sometimes when it comes to perfectionism, it might take two or three or 25 times to learn a lesson before it sinks in. Do you ever feel like that? I know I do. And today’s podcast guest Michele Vaughn does, too.

Michele has faced both thyroid cancer and infertility. Talk about challenges. I love how candidly she speaks about these issues and gives other people hope when dealing with similar circumstances.

I adore Michele. We connected after we were both part of Listen To Your Mother 2013. I was part of the Baltimore cast and Michele was part of the DC cast. You can watch Michele read her piece here (Her piece is so incredibly lovely. You might want a tissue!).

Michele and I’ve exchanged emails and check in with each other on social media, and I realized Michele would be the most perfect podcast guest. Like me, Michele is a Type A, a mom, and a blogger. We connect on the challenges of raising our small people, what we want to say as bloggers, and embracing this season of life, imperfections and all.

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