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House Tour // Laundry Room

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Is it possible to be in love with a laundry room? Because I am.

I plan to show more details of our home with a house tour of the individual rooms and spaces. Today, the laundry room! Laundry?! Boring! Nay, I say! Hang on while I wax poetic about washing machines.

I will preface this by saying: laundry is important to me. I don’t mind doing it. And I’m very careful with our clothes. I hang dry 99% of my clothes and Dan’s clothes. Yep. Almost all our clothes get hung to dry. This can be a story for another day. But suffice it to say, I’ve used machines that torture my clothes. So finding a very good set of machines was super important to me.

One thing I most definitely wanted in our new house was a laundry room on the second floor. It makes total sense, right? We generate the most amount of laundry upstairs, where our clothes are. So it would be GREAT to not have to lug laundry up and down the stairs.


At our old house, our laundry room was in the basement, making it super inconvenient. Plus, the laundry room was also the utility room and where we stored our chest freezer. When we first moved in, that room was disgusting. Dan did a great job patching the drywall and laying a peel-and-stick floor to cover up the nasty concrete. But still, it was a cold and dank room. Plus, we cheaped out on our washer and dryer, and I’m convinced that our clothes never actually got clean.

Given all this laundry room angst, the laundry room was super important to me. On occasion Dan will toss in a load. But I’m the primary laundress in our family. Given the amount of time I spend with my family’s laundry, I felt particular about the space and the actual washer and dryer.

Since we had such bad luck with our old washer and dryer, we spent a lot of time researching machines, even before we started building our house. I told you, this laundry room has been a dream in the making. After an exhaustive search, we decided on the LG 5.2 C.U. F.T. Steam Washer and Dryer. Literally, the biggest machine on the market. Seriously, the tag line says: It Doesn’t Get Any Bigger.

Well then SIGN ME UP! Because I got a heck ton of wash.


We scored on these during H.H. Gregg’s Memorial Day sale, and H.H. Gregg kindly held them until our house was complete. As soon as the guys finished installing them, I couldn’t wait to get my paws on these beauties.

First off, the cycle selection is amazing. You might be saying, “Sarah, do you really use all those cycles?” And I say, “Yep! Pretty much!” It’s incredibly easy to use, gentle on our clothes, and they come out CLEAN. PRAISE!

The dryer is equally fantastic. It dries the laundry fully without scorching it. I put an entire load of sheets and towels in the dryer…and they come out dry! Not some dry, some damp, and some wet. ALL DRY! MAGIC!


And the laundry room itself? Perfection.

No, it’s not the largest space. (Dan and I were ill-prepared for the size of the washer and dryer. Seriously, they look like they could launch a rocket.) But it’s clean, functional, and gets the job done.

My laundry time is a FRACTION of what it used to be. For comparison, it used to take me all week to wash my family’s clothes. If not, longer. Because I didn’t have a place or a good system for washing clothes. (And often I had to wash things TWICE because, as I said, our washer never really cleaned our stuff.)


Now? Well, here’s the best example: yesterday I did three loads of wash. And it took me barely anytime at all to wash, dry, hang dry, and put back. I did it all in the same day.

Laundry is on my mind a lot because we seem to generate endless amounts. And over the past five years, I’ve perfected my system. I’m so pleased with myself, so I’ll share how I get it done in an upcoming post.

Any questions about these LGs? Let me know!

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