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Mid-Month Confessions Link Up // January

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Today I’m linking up with Elizabeth (Who is also going to be a guest on an upcoming podcast!) for her mid-month confessions. As Elizabeth says, it’s a time to, well, fess up about our less-than-perfect moments. We’re all humans behind these screens!


So, here are my confessions:

+I bought two tubs of McDuff Best Thing You’ve Ever Tasted Frosting. And when I’m having a challenging moment, I get a spoon and eat a spoonful of that stuff. Yummy! I try to keep my diet as free from “fake food” as much as possible. But, frosting? Yeah, my weakness.

+There have been many early evenings when I’m counting down the minutes until Dan gets home where I basically plead with the kids to sit on the couch and watch TV. PLEASE WATCH TV! PLEASE! How come they want to watch TV when I tell them they can’t, and they refuse to do anything but whine/crawl all over me when I want them to watch TV? Riddle me this!

+If the kids are being relatively quiet and letting me do my own thing (chores or work), but they are completely dismantling something (e.g. tearing up paper, taking everything out of a cupboard) I totally let them do it. I’ll clean it up later (not).

+When I have to go to the grocery with my kids (here’s another confession: I very much dislike going to the grocery with the kids and avoid it at all cost), I immediately search out something I can bribe them with. You want to open that package of Oreos? And you promise that will keep you quiet? HERE YOU GO!

+Sometimes I hide in the bathroom! Eating something I don’t want to share! 😉

+I always read The Style section of The Washington Post before any other section.

+Why are so many of my confessions food-related?! Ha!

+Rather than take out the trash, I’ll try to stuff as much stuff as possible into the bin. Then wait until Dan gets home because I know he’ll take it out. He adores this quality of mine. 😉


Want to join in? Do it! List your mid-month confessions on your blog – or list them in the comments!

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