Podcast #72 // Kayla Aimee on Her New Book, Anchored



I’ve been following Kayla since forever. Well, at least since about 2009. Kayla’s storytelling always captured me, and I’ve had the honor of getting to know her over the years as we connected online.

So I was overjoyed for her and her husband when they announced they were expecting their first baby. Then, unexpectedly, Kayla went into labor at 25 weeks, and her daughter, Scarlette, was born weighing just over a pound. I followed Kayla’s blog as she chronicled their NICU journey and Scarlette’s story. Thankfully Scarlette is a healthy, spunky four-year-old today, and I love reading all about the hilarious things she says.

The first time I chatted with Kayla, she was in the beginning stages of writing her book and reaching out to publishers. In today’s show, Kayla is telling us all about the writing process, finding a publisher, what it was like to re-live those experiences in the NICU while writing this book, and her advice for aspiring authors.

Kayla’s book is for anyone who has ever gone through a period of grief. But this isn’t a sad book! Kayla writes with honesty and a sense of humor that is totally captivating. For free printables and to read the first chapter, head over to her book’s website. And go order the book!

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