Podcast #82 // Ellen Palestrant on Creativity

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We’re talking all things with creativity with Ellen Palestrant. Ellen is a writer and artist with a varied professional background, including careers in education and film. In today’s podcast with chatted about the importance of creativity, how to tap into creativity, and how even those who believe they aren’t creative can find their creative side. We also talk about Ellen’s new book, Have You Ever Had a Hunch: The Importance of Creative Thinking.

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  • Dede Harris

    My husband and I just finished listening to Podcast # 82 with Ellen Palestrant. My husband said he learned from this podcast, just do it, forget self doubt. He learned we are all more creative than we realize. Everyone is an artist and has the creative potential if they would just let go. I too, learned many things listening to this podcast. It’s o.k. to give myself permission to dream because that is a source of my creativity. Our original dreams as children sometimes lie buried, but they can return if we uncover them and let them reveal themselves. Ellen Palestrant is a brilliant teacher of creativity. Both my husband and I have learned so much from this remarkable podcast. Thank you so much. Dede Harris

    • I’m so glad you and your husband enjoyed it! Yes! Just go for it! 🙂

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