#Reverb15 / Day 26 / Another Year Older

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Kim and I are writing on a prompt a day for the month of December. Feel free to join in anytime!


Prompt 26: Another year older. You had a birthday this year. Do you finally feel like a grown up?

I feel like a grown up when I get real excited about stuff like amazing vacuums and high quality washers and dryers and driving a sensible car.

Or maybe that doesn’t make me grown up.

Maybe that makes me lame?!

Anyway. Sometimes it feels like I’m making it up. This is what grown ups do. But, you know what? I think we’re all making it up. It’s not that when you grow up, you know everything. It’s that when you’re a grown up you know you don’t know everything. So you make stuff up as you go, given the facts you’ve learned. And then fake it ’till you make it!

So, yeah, I feel grown up. I make up everything as a I go along. And I never say no to cake.

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