#Reverb15 / Day 27 / Worn Out

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Kim and I are writing on a prompt a day for the month of December. Feel free to join in anytime!


Prompt 27: Worn Out. What did you completely wear out and have to replace this year?

Many years ago for Christmas, Dan and I bought Rosemary a set of cordless phones. You know those giant packs of cordless phones at Costco? Yep. Those phones. So many phones.

Her old set was dead (probably from being put put in the fridge on accident). And she tended to lose them. So we bought her this giant pack so she’d always have a phone around.

She thanked us profusely and took the phones home. We knew she needed help setting them up, so a couple days later we went over to set up the phones.

We came over and couldn’t find them.

“Rosemary,” Dan said. “Where are your new phones? Did you plug them in to charge?”

She led us over to a closet, opened the door, and pointed to one of the shelves.

“Oh, no,” she said. “I’m just going to save them right here. For later.”

We convinced her there was no reason to save the phones. That they were meant to be used now. Especially since her old ones were barely working, and it was important that we were able to call her (and visa versa).

But I tell this story because I’m Rosemary’s Granddaughter. And I have a tendency to want to “save things” for later.

Not in a hoarder sense. Oh, heaven’s no. I’m all about getting rid of stuff. More what I meant is treating something “special” and therefore not using it. As in, “I’ll save that for a special occasion.”

I do this especially with things like art supplies. And then the paint and markers get all dried up before I have a chance to use them.

Or the beautiful leather bag I bought myself as a treat gathers dust in my closet because I’m afraid to use it.

Or the high end lipstick I bought eventually crumbles because I thought it was only worthy of being worn for special moments.

I don’t know what special moments I think are going to happen in the future. So I’m on a quest to use it up and wear it out. Whatever it is.

Two years ago I bought a pair of Chaturunga tights from Athleta. These are high end tights, retailing for $60+. After I bought them, I wore them once. And then tucked them into my drawer.


What “special occasion” sweat sessions especially deserved the Chaturunga tights?! They were meant to be worn! They were designed to be worn into the ground!

So I got those tights out. And I wore them and wore them and wore them.

I wore the crotch out of those tights.

In 2016 I hope I wear out a lot more things. I don’t want to die with pristine items in my drawer waiting for “some day.”

I also need a new pair of tights.

  • I had a roommate once who used to drive me crazy because he was of the “beautiful things are meant to be used” camp of thought, and he was constantly using my “special” handmade coffee cups and crystal goblets to drink out of… but he was right, I enjoyed those items so much more when I used them.

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