#Reverb15 / Day 28 / Home Town

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Kim and I are writing on a prompt a day for the month of December. Feel free to join in anytime!

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Prompt 28: Home Town. Talk about where you lived this year. Why did you choose this area? Did you discover a new place in town you love? Tell us about it.

I’m a relic in these parts. Most people who live in the DC Metro Area are transplants. They’ve come from somewhere else and ended up here for job purposes. Many of them come here for short stints before heading back to where they came from or moving on to another part of the world.

But not me!

I wasn’t born here, and I spent my elementary school years in another state. But I consider myself a native to the Northern Virginia area nonetheless. I spent my formative years here, from eighth grade through high school and back again after college for graduate school. So around here, I’m pretty much a native.

And Dan is a native, too. Even more than me! He has lived in Northern Virginia almost all his life. It was pure happenstance and luck that when we met at U.Va. our parents lived 15 minutes from each other back up in Northern Virginia.

People are straight up SHOCKED when I tell them that I’m a native, Dan’s a native, and that our parents also live in the area, all of 15 minutes East or West.

When Dan and I were shopping for our first home, we knew this area inside out, backwards and forwards. The price of homes in that neighborhood versus this neighborhood. The distance from the nearest Metro stop. The proximity to 66. The school pyramids. Everything.

We picked Vienna based on price, abundance of young families, schools, and ability to be anywhere in about 20 minutes. And we love it here.

Last year when we moved in with my parents while we were building our house, we realized just how much we love it here. My parent’s neighborhood and town is lovely. I grew up in that neighborhood. But it didn’t feel like my town anymore since we’d put down roots in Vienna. Our friends lived in Vienna. The kids go to school in Vienna. Our pool is in Vienna. My gym is in Vienna. Our pediatrician is in Vienna. We missed it terribly.

Now that we’ve been back in our town for the past year, everything feels right. I know how to cut through all the backstreets. It takes me less than 10 minutes to get to Target. I see my Vienna friends often for coffee and chit chat (And run into them at Walgreens on Christmas Eve!).

I can’t go anywhere without running into someone I know (or one of my family members). And that’s just how I like it.

  • I grew up in Alexandria and moved back with my family after 10 years away. We live in a different neighborhood than I grew up in, which helps make it feel like our family’s own adventure, but same with you, I love that I run into people all the time! NoVa certainly is big, but once you’ve been here long enough, it feels like a small town!

    • Exactly! And I love our town because it feels small yet big at the same time. 🙂

  • Sarah

    I knew you were in the DC area but not in Vienna! Two of my best friends from college live there. If I ever make it up there to visit them, I’ll have to try to meet you in person as well. 🙂

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