One Little Word 2016: BIG

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Everything I read lately is all about small. Live small. Don’t commit to too many things. Less is more. Less is better. Few. Tiny. Only do what’s essential. Little. Say no.

I’ve internalized these things to mean, stay small. Don’t go after big goals. Keep your dreams little because little is best. Minimal is best.

But you know what?

That’s SO not me.

I love BIG.

I love everything in a BIG way.

I’ve got a big personality. I like to go big. I like to think big.

I don’t mean I like excess. See, there’s the distinction. I don’t mean more for the sake of more. I don’t mean living beyond my means. I don’t mean extravagant.

Big has a bad rap because it sounds like too much. And too much of a good thing is, well, too much.

I’ve even been told I’m too much.


Oh, well.

I had a light-bulb moment the other day. I was catching up with a mentor of mine, my high school journalism teacher. She’s tiny. Very tiny. But don’t be fooled. Her personality is huge. Her go-getterness is enormous. Her can-do spirit is infectious.

She’s big.

While we were having coffee I realized: She lives big. And does amazing things in this world. As CEO of her education association, she’s making a big difference in schools across the country.

So why am I trying to make myself small?

I made myself small because I didn’t want to be seen too much and therefore be out there and be torn down. If I stay small, you can’t see me. Then you can’t say I’m too this or too that. I can’t make mistakes if I stay small.

But living small paralyzed me and stole my confidence. The idea of big fills me with excitement and ignites my enthusiasm.

I used to be afraid to go big because everyone says go small. But everyone isn’t me. So in 2016 I’m leaning in big.

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