Podcast #101 // Kesley Wharton on Goal Setting, Blogging, Podcasting, & Parenting Small People

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It is my absolute pleasure to have my dear friend, Kelsey Wharton, back on the show! Kelsey and I met online (via Twitter!) several years ago. We contacted each other via email, and then text, and we’ve been online pals ever since.

I had Kelsey on the podcast back in Season 1, and since then, a lot has changed for both of us. Now, Kelsey is a mom of two sweet boys, added another podcast to her roster, and continued to develop her amazing blog, Rising Shining.

In this podcast, Kelsey and I chat about all our favorite things, including how we set and achieve goals, what tools we use to set and track our goals, and how we deal with those goals that keep coming up.

We also chat about how our blogs have evolved from when we first started blogging, and how much we still love blogging, and we also chat about what we’ve learned from producing our podcasts. We end the show with a fun grab-bag chat about motherhood and keeping up with everything that’s going on in our lives.

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