DIY Command Center

January 20, 2016 Uncategorized, Wellness 11


A few weeks ago I posted on Periscope asking for advice for how to create a DIY command center. (PS: Are you on Periscope?! It’s fun! I’m at sarahrbagley.) I said I wanted something like the Pottery Barn Daily System, but, unfortunately, that system is a bit too big for our space. Many suggested piecing it together through various boards I could find at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and such.

I’d been looking around for ages to find pieces I could cobble together and make work in our space. It’s harder said than done! And I wasn’t sure exactly what I needed. I knew I wanted a place to write down our family happenings like Kate’s soccer practices and games, stuff going on at the elementary school and preschool, Dan’s travel schedule, family activities, etc… And I also wanted a place to collect school papers, hang the lunch menu, and collect the Costco circular and coupons like those from Bed Bath & Beyond. But I didn’t want it to look messy.


In my mind, we needed a good sized calendar so I could fit more than one thing in each date box, some sort of file system, and something like a chalk board or white board. I wanted the pieces to look nice together and look pretty, not like office supplies.

After searching and searching, I ran into the answer by accident. I was at Staples looking for something completely unrelated to the command center when I ran across the perfect white board calendar. I was drawn to it because the frame looked less like an office supply and more like a frame you’d see around a piece of art. And I loved the big date boxes, the note section on the side, and the strip of bulletin board on the bottom. Plus, it was the perfect size.


Upon finding that piece de resistance, the other pieces came together quickly. I found that file organizer at Home Goods, and I picked up those two chalk boards at WalMart. That cute little wooden piece is actually a bottle opener wall from Target, but we use it to hold the chalk pieces in that little basket.

We LOVE this system. I wasn’t sure how we’d use the calendar exactly (Dan and I also share a couple Google Calendars.), but it’s so great to have that quick at-a-glance look at our days as I’m going about my day. I also love listing our meals for the week. We’re forever forgetting what we have in the freezer. So we use that notes section to write down a list of meals we want to have that week, so every morning we consult the list and quickly decide what we’re having for dinner.

I hang Kate’s monthly lunch schedule on the bulletin board, so she and I can pick what lunches she wants to buy that week. And I adore that file hanger that I use to collect magazines, coupons, and all that school stuff.

Do you have a home command center? How do you use yours? I LOVE organizing systems, so I’d love to hear about yours!