B+ Goals: February 2016

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B+ Goals

I’m having a lot of fun with this B+ goals project! When I made my goals, I wasn’t sure how I’d do. Would I find them onerous? Would I want to give up? Would I get frustrated because my small people only allow me to accomplish things one teeny, tiny step at a time?


BUT! Creating these goals and keeping the B+ in mind helped me accomplish the things I set out to do, and I learned an important lesson about achieving goals.

First, these things have been on my to-do list for a long time. So finally getting them done feels amazing.

Secondly, whether you have small people or not, everyone deals with set backs. So while some people can move faster than others, really, we’re all dealing with stuff that comes up that gets in the way of accomplishing our goals. We’re all just moving little by little. This month, rather than discount any spare moments I had, I actually used them. In the past, if I had five minutes, I’d say, whatever, it’s just five minutes. I’ll just scroll Facebook.

Now, I’m all: okay, five minute! What can I do?! I can respond to one quick email. I can brainstorm blog posts. I can make a grocery list. I can put another coat of pain on one of my projects. I can clean out one drawer in the kitchen.

And little by little, stuff got done.

So, here’s how my B+ goals went for January:

+Paint an old microwave cart and Kate’s rocking chair: COMPLETE

Kate rocking chair


This project was so fun. I LOVE using the Annie Sloan chalk paint. This stuff can cover anything and requires no skill. I used Paris Gray on the cart and Antoinette Pink on Kate’s art center and rocking chair.

+Set up Kate’s art center: COMPLETE

Kate art center

Woohoo! This has been on my to-do list for FOREVER. Kate is so creative, but she didn’t have a place to sit and make art. So we bought her a little table and chairs for her to sit at and work (In hindsight, these are a titch small. But! B+ here. She can use them for now, and we can buy her an actual desk in the near future and pass this set on to her brothers). Dan cut the wood, and I had Kate paint the wood pieces with the chalk paint, and then Dan hung the pieces of wood and strung a coated cord for Kate to hang her masterpieces.

+Start my YouTube Channel: COMPLETE

Hooray! I’m so glad to get YouTube back up and running. I had a YouTube Channel, but it was connected to an old email account. So that was problem #1. And then we moved and then I was pregnant and the wheels fell off. But I longed to get back to YouTube because I love video as a medium. Dan helped me get my channel squared away from the email account issue, and I put up my first video last week. You can look for new videos every Thursday. What would you like to see?

+Develop plans for a special project with Kim: COMPLETE

Well. Kim and I know it’s complete. And you’ll see what we’re up to this Thursday when we launch it! I’ve so loved collaborating with Kim. Working on fun things with friends is my favorite.

+Use the spiralizer: COMPLETE


I bought the spiralizer at the beginning of the month, and I planned to do sweet potatoes, butternut squash, zucchini, and apples. I only got to the sweet potatoes (and regular potatoes). But! B+, right?! We love using this thing. We probably used it about three times week, so it’s definitely worth it for us. Here’s a post I wrote all about our spiralized sweet potato fries.

Okay, now for February:

+Develop and stick to a skin care routine. Right before I turned 31 this past September, I went on the Paula’s Choice website, asked for their advice, and ordered a bunch of skin care stuff. I stuck to it for a few weeks. And then fell off the wagon. I wash my face every single night. But I skipped all the other steps. I’m starting to get back into it, and every time I stick to it, I’m all, wow, my skin looks so nice! HA! So this month, I’m doubling down and sticking to my routine.

+Clean out my closet. I clean out my closet several times a year. And I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, but that won’t work for me right now because I’m still breastfeeding Thomas. True, I could develop one that works around that. But I don’t want to right now. Instead, what I want to do is find out what colors I like, what fabrics I like, what sorts of looks I like. So, really, more about developing a style.

+Create a podcast listener survey. I’m in the process of finding sponsors for my podcast. And often those sponsors want to know things about my audience that I don’t know. So this month I need to develop the survey for my listeners. I’m hoping to work with brands that my listeners love, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Set up my planner/figure out a note taking and to-do list system that works for me. I’m a hybrid planner. I use Google Calendar and my paper planner. And I use notes on my iPhone. And notes on paper. It’s frustrating because everything is in a different place. The issue is: sometimes I’m on the go and don’t have paper. So I need something on my phone. And sometimes I’m at my desk and I’m using a notepad. All my ideas are all over the place. I have all the tools, so I just need to find a system that works.

+Reorganize our kitchen. On a wild hare, I went crazy and cleaned out our pantry last week. And, much to Dan’s great unhappiness, our spice cabinet. I found spices from 2014. So I tossed those out. So now we have no spices. Dan claims spices are good for forever. We can agree to disagree on that. And, in my cleaning out frenzy, I got rid of a bunch of other stuff, too. But there’s more to do! Our kitchen is a great size, but it’s not functioning well because we aren’t keeping some items in the right places. I plan to rectify this in February.

Okay, so that’s where I’m headed this month! Go check out Elizabeth’s B+ Goals, and let her know you stopped by. And join our link up! Goals are more fun when we work together. How did you goals go in January? What are you working on next month?

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