Around Here Lately // Vol. 7 (And Some Confessions)

February 19, 2016 Connection, Uncategorized 0


Since Elizabeth and Heather put out their mid-month confessions this week, I’m linking up with them to share what’s going on around here this week.

+Dan thinks I went overboard in getting rid of stuff. I disagree. He wonders why I want an empty shelf, given that I can’t even reach it. I love having empty shelves. And drawers. I don’t have any donation regret. Out with the old, in with NOTHING.

+Elizabeth fessed up that she’s always a napkin mom (I’m the paper plate mom!) but didn’t sign up to bring anything for the Valentine’s Day Party, I must confess…neither did I. But I’m totally cool with that because goodness knows I’ve contributed to numerous parties in the past. I’m just relieved we finally got all those Valentine’s written. Kate writing out 28 names? It nearly killed me.

+Also, Dan and I didn’t do even one single thing to mark Valentine’s Day. I don’t even think we said “happy Valentine’s Day.” Instead, I ordered myself the small triangle necklace from Rebekah Gough earlier in the week. Happy Valentine’s Day to me!

+I still haven’t gotten all the lipstick off of the van. I really want to go get it detailed because I know that as I’m trying to clean up the remainder of the mess, Michael will be in the house, destroying something else.

+I’m obsessed with decorated planners. When I was pregnant with Thomas and could barely get off the couch due to nausea, I fell down the rabbit hole of “plan with me” videos on YouTube. These ladies are amazing. I desperately want to decorate my planner. But, honestly? I haven’t even touched my planner. In two weeks.

+I was thinking this week that if I had extra funds, I would get house cleaning services and grocery delivery services every week. I feel like those activities are huge time sucks for me and something I have to do with kids, so I can’t ever get them done how I want to get them done.

+I hate napping. But I take one almost every afternoon during the week. I get Michael down and then Thomas, and then I crawl into bed. And I legit take a nap. I take my make up off, put my pajamas on, pull the blinds down, and get under the covers. I so wish I didn’t have to take a nap, but with Thomas getting up in the night, I feel like a zombie most days, so I’m desperate for a nap. I so wish I could use that time to work on podcasting, blogging, YouTube, and some personal writing. But I’m so straight up tired, I just can’t.

+I think I’ve bothered every one I know, asking them what I should be when I grow up. I love asking other people for advice. I’m someone who trusts her judgement 100%. Or not at all. I’m getting worried that my dear friends and family are going to stop answering my calls and texts and emails because I’m irritating them with my indecision. It’s not at all frustrating to be my friend.

Can you relate to any of these?! And if you have advice for me, I’m all ears! 😉