B+ Goals // March 2016

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B+ Goals

Good bye, February! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

Goodness, this month has been a doozy. Dan’s been out of town and working crazy hours when he’s in town, meaning I’m solo parenting it a lot. A lot, a lot. And Thomas is still getting up at night. And I can’t make it through the day without a nap. Boo!

So, I’m feeling a little so-so on how I did this month. Good thing these are B+ goals.

Here’s how I did:

+Develop and stick to a skin care routine: COMPLETE


Back in September I ordered an entire skin care regimen from Paula’s Choice. I stuck with it for maybe three weeks. Then fell off the wagon. So I recommitted this month to stick to it. And I’m happy to say I did. I even recorded a video explaining my routine.

What video, you ask? HA! Well. Something went haywire with the audio. And I have yet to see if Dan can fix it or re-record it. This frustrated me because I wanted to explain – in video form – my routine. So. I will get that worked out and up soon. But, here’s the Cliff Notes version: I can absolutely see a big difference in my skin between now and earlier this month. I’m eager to see how my skin continues to improve.

+Clean out my closet: COMPLETE




I’m giving myself an A+++ here because I went nuts and cleaned out not only my closet but my dresser drawers, make up, beauty products, kitchen, kids toys/clothes, and other household stuff. I donated and tossed out tons of stuff. I still feel like there is more to do (isn’t there always!), but I made a huge dent.

We don’t have that much stuff anyway, but the idea of any useless thing (or thing we don’t use) hanging around irritates me. We need to either use it or loose it. Getting rid of the excess really helps me see what we have and use those things. Here’s a big post I wrote about how I go through the house and get rid of stuff.

+Create a podcast listener survey: IN PROGRESS

Okay, this is where I got frustrated this month. I got on Survey Monkey, created an account, and worked hard on my questions. And then I realized this survey is going to cost me. Not a huge amount. But not insignificant either. So I got frustrated. I looked for other solutions and came up dry.

So now I’m a little stuck. Since I don’t make any money from blogging, YouTube, or podcasting, I’m always hesitant about spending in those areas. However, a listener survey is important to me because it would help answer questions about listeners for potential sponsors and give listeners an opportunity to tell me what they like, don’t like, and what guests they want to hear on the show (or have back on the show). So, TBD on this one.

+Planner and Note Taking System: IN PROGRESS

I haven’t touched my planner. In three weeks. However, I have worked out a much better note taking system. I used to have notes all over the place. In the Notes app on my iPhone, random pieces of paper, random notebooks, Google Docs, EverNote. So frustrating. I couldn’t remember where I put what note.

I was just about to go 100% Google Docs when Dan re-formatted my computer and installed a new version of Windows with…OneNote. I used OneNote in the past, back when I was in college and some version of Microsoft Windows came with OneNote, and I remember really loving it. But then the next version of Windows I had didn’t have OneNote, so I forgot all about it.

Well now I have it again, and I remember why I loved it so much. I think I’ll do an entire post about how I use it, but, for now, I will say I love it because I can keep everything in one place. I have a OneNote Notebook with tabs for Blog, YouTube, Podcast, Recipes, To-Do lists, etc… And within each of those tabs, I have various lists (and different types of list, e.g. bullets, check boxes, etc…) and types of documents. It’s super versatile, which I love. There’s an iPhone and iPad app that syncs with it, so it’s truly something I can use anywhere and everywhere.

Now, what hasn’t worked out very well is integrating my planner and a notebook with these digital tools. I thought, maybe I don’t need any paper planning tools (!)…if I’m not using them, then do I need them?

But I do feel like I need to sort out some things on paper. I’m noticing that I’m feeling the need to write things down. In part, I’m not doing it because I like my planner and notebooks to look pretty (hello, perfectionist!), and, well, my thoughts are messy.

Anyway. TBD!

+Reorganize our kitchen: COMPLETE

Turns out, if you get rid of a whole bunch of stuff, there’s nothing to organize! Ha! So I did get rid of a good amount of stuff. Then, I moved around the few remaining items, so now our kitchen cabinets have either 1) empty shelves (my personal favorite) or 2) enough space on the shelves that there’s lot of space between things (so nothing is all jammed together, a pet peeve of mine).

Phew! Okay, I feel kind of “meh” about February because I LIKE ALL As! But these are called, B+ goals. And, for me, B+ means, did I do my best? Yes. Yes, I did.

So, moving on to March. Here’s what I want to do:

+Purchase, set up, and decorate a large book shelf on a big-ish empty wall in our kitchen/family room.

I’ve stared and stared at this wall and thought of a couple things to do with it. Make it into some sort of gallery wall. Install floating shelves. Find a narrow desk to put there. I like blank spaces, but this wall felt too blank. After much gnashing of teeth, Dan and I decided on a shelf. So, we need to order it, anchor it to the wall, and decorate in a child-friendly way while still looking nice (forever a challenge around here).

+Figure out canvas art.

Our family room has a bunch of big, blank walls crying out for large canvas prints of my beautiful children. I’ve seen my friends blow up pictures of their beautiful children on canvas, and I love the look. I also like that this means I don’t have to source a frame as frames are the bane of my existence (frames, why you cost so much?!). I have some professional photos that we had taken when Michael was 8 weeks old, so there are probably two of those that I want blown up. But I really need to take photos of our life now as much has changed (we added a whole other person!). So I need to take those pictures and then see what older pictures I want to add and then get those on canvas. Can anyone recommend a company that prints large scale canvas art?

+Organize the linen closet and utility room.

These two spaces are the last remaining spaces in distress. It should be a quick win and make our life so much nicer when we can open the doors to the linen closet and not have a jumble of toilet paper and Band Aids falling out and be able to walk into the utility room and not trip over outgrown baby items.

+Write 1,000 words a day (not for the blog).

I have a book idea that just won’t quit. I’ve tried to jettison this book for years. And it keeps on coming back and slapping in the face like an out of control boomerang. I don’t hold expectations of what will come of it. But I’d like to give it a chance to grow into something. A book feels like a lot. But 1,000 words feels manageable. I think I wrote well over that for a post I’m prepping about my laundry routine. If I can go on for over 1,000 words about our dirty clothes, I want to see what I can do about a slightly more…interesting topic.

+Decide on what to do with the backyard.

We need a deck, patio, and general grounds keeping in the backyard. We had someone come out to give us a design and estimate, so we’re taking that in and deciding what we want to do. Hopefully winter weather is almost out of here, so we’d love to have our backyard spruced up in time to enjoy it.

How did you do last month? What are you working on in March? I’d love to hear what you’re working on and what strategies you use to hold yourself accountable. Check out Elizabeth’s blog to see how she did and what she’s working on in March. Join in the link up below and/or leave a comment!

  • disqus_uOdEnPOJGY

    Ok. You are so inspiring with all your organization – and that skin care routine looks INTENSE. I’m so impressed that you’ve been able to stick with it!! 🙂 Good luck in March!

    • HA! I love to organize. It’s stress relief! And a great way to avoid other tasks that are harder for me. 😉 He he, I only go through the full skin stuff at night. Morning is just wash face, dark spot eraser, and moisturizer.

      We both have picture updates for March. Why is this so hard?! HA!

  • aduronia

    Maybe Google Forms would work for your survey? I am positive it is free as the day is long. Also, it’s a huge relief to see someone else just not be able to keep up with a paper planner – I keep trying, and keep failing – which makes me super happy I haven’t spent $50 on one and just keep getting the $5-$10 cheapies from target.

    • Google Forms! Great idea, thank you! I think that will do, nicely. I appreciate it!

      HA! I’m also glad to hear I’m not the only one having trouble keeping up with a paper planner. Maybe it’s not meant to be!

  • Jessica Smith

    HI! I pop in here occasionally for great advice (found you through my BFF Katie). I also recommend using Google forms for your survey!

    • Hello! Thanks for stopping by! And thanks for the recommendation. I will check it out!

  • Melissa Hatcher

    Again, you were super productive and so inspiring. I have declared Kon Marie on my kitchen this year. It is a work in progress since I work full time. It is nice to get rid of stuff you don’t use/need. It has been really nice to find things in the “junk drawer”. I am trying a bullet journal. I have things scattered about and my planner is just not cutting it. I love my planner, but it’s just not working. Here’s to a super productive March!

    • It is so great to get rid of stuff we don’t need/use. I love seeing “free space” in my kitchen. I’m been thinking of trying the Bullet Journal. I’m intrigued! Let me know how it goes.

  • Bailey

    I just discovered this linkup from a friend’s blog and I’m so excited! I’ve been doing these “Goal” posts at the beginning of each month but haven’t found a good linkup yet. Is there a reoccurring date for the B+ Goals linkup?

    • Yay! I’m so glad you’re joining in! We report back/set up new goals on the first Monday of the new month, usually. The B+ Goals for April should be April 4. Check back here and on my social media accounts for updates!

  • I am so impressed with your cleaning out and organizing! I added donations to my March goals thanks to you!

    • HA! I think I use cleaning and organizing as a way to procrastinate on some other things… 😉 In fact, I know I do! HA! Yay! Let me know how your March goals go, so we can encourage each other.

  • Ooh! I’d love a post on OneNote! I’ve never heard of it, but it sounds like something I could use!

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