25% Friends // Episode #4 // Habits Edition, Part I


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Kim and Sarah LOVE habits. We find it fascinating to delve into our habits as a way to know ourselves better.

Inspired by our mutual idol, Gretchen Rubin, we’re talking through a whole bunch of ideas she presents in her book, Better than Before.

We love habits so much that we’re breaking our habits talk into a three part series! In this first part, we’re talking about our habit personalities. To find out habit personalities, we took Gretchen Rubin’s habits quiz. Sarah is an upholder, so she readily meets inner and outer expectations without much fuss. Kim is a questioner, so she treats all expectations like inner expectations and will meet them if she feels they make sense.

In this episode, we talk about our habit personalities, what we love and don’t love about our habit personalities. We also talk about our significant others and our friends habit personalities and how we’ve changed how we interact with them based on these tendencies.

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