Writing, Working, Doing ANYTHING While Being a Parent

March 30, 2016 Connection, Uncategorized 0


This might not seem Earth shattering to you. But it is to me.

I learned a huge lesson, and it goes something like this:

Kids are just tough.

And it’s not my fault.

I used to think that I had trouble accomplishing things or writing or keeping my house clean or making dinner because I was just not good at being a parent. If I was a better mom, I could write my book while also making snacks and referring arguments about the color of clouds (seriously, that was the topic of a very real fight between Kate and Michael) and making plans with friends and looking fabulous.

Why did I think I could all those things? Especially at one time?

I thought I just didn’t have the right system down. If I could unlock a hack then I would reign victorious over my family. I would be able to write brilliant blog posts and keep my van clean.

This should be easy! Why isn’t it easy? Must be because I’m defective.

Now this thinking went on and on and on. Until this one day when the ridiculous level reached Ridiculous 9000. Thomas pooped up the back, Kate argued with me about wearing shorts while there was snow on the ground (BUT THE SUN IS OUT! I WANNA WEAR SHORTS!), and Michael was crying because he wanted me to open a door…that was already open.

Well this is just plain ridiculous.

How could ANYONE prepare for this sort of nonsense?

No one, that’s who.

So, okay, then what can you do?

Have a sense of humor. And drink lots of coffee.

I don’t give up. And I’m not suggesting you do, either. Most definitely set goals and do your best. Just let go of the idea that it “should be easy.” It’s not easy. And it’s most definitely not your fault. Raising small people who do random and nonsensical things is plain hard. You’re doing an amazing job. You’re doing your best. And it’s definitely good enough.