25% Friends // Episode #5 // Habits Edition, Part II


We love habits so much, we’re back with part II of this habits discussion. If you missed the first episode where we talked about habits, you can catch it here.

In this episode, we’re talking about these concepts that influence our habits:

+Abstainers vs. Moderators

Sarah is a full-on abstainer. Kim is a moderator. Mostly.

+Openers vs. Finishers

Sarah is an opener and a finisher. She often finds she likes to open a new project because that helps her finish another. Kim is a hard-core finisher. Don’t go opening 18 bags of granola at her house.

+Marathoner, Sprinter, Procrastinator

Kim and Sarah very much dislike procrastinating. We definitely are NOT procrastinators. It makes them anxious (25% Friends!). We laugh about how Sarah’s husband is such a procrastinator. He believes in “just in time manufacturing.” And Kim’s wife also subscribes to the “let’s think about it later” mentality. Kim and Sarah both find their procrastinating ways anxiety producing.

Kim is a sprinter. She can put blinders on and go full throttle. Sarah would love to sprint, but since her life revolves around her three children, she’s currently in marathoner mode.

We also answer a listener question about how to stay physically active while on vacation. Kim recommends Googling around to find a gym near your hotel, preferably one that offers Les Mills classes. She and her wife also look for ways to incorporate exercise into their day while traveling, such as going for long walks and/or a run.

Sarah recommends checking out what fitness options are available at the hotel (you can even call and ask about the specific equipment the hotel gym offers). She also recommends the Nike Fit Club app and/or fitness videos on YouTube such as Tone it Up.

We also answer a question about group fitness manners.

We also share our B+ moment of the week.

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