25% Friends // Episode #6 // Habits Edition, Part III


We’re back again for our last installment (for now!) on HABITS! In this episode, we’re focusing on habits and values.

Here are the questions we answer:

+What’s more valuable to you? Saving time, money, or effort? Kim chooses to save time every time. Kim values time above all else. Sarah finds her budget sometimes allows her to save time and effort by spending money, but not always, so for her, it depends on the thing.

+Do you spend a lot of time on something that’s more important to someone else than important to you? Kim says no. Sarah says it depends. Especially when it comes to family. Sort of related/unrelated, Kim and Sarah talk about why they don’t like asking for help.

+Do you like to make changes in a big way or through tiny steps? Kim prefers to start small (because she loves finishing). Sarah loves to go big. It helps her create and keep momentum.

We also answer a listener question about our blogs. She asked us why we named our blogs the way we did and why we like to write. You can read Kim’s blog here.

We also share our B+ moment of the week.

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