B+ Goals // July 2016

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B+ Goals




Done is SO much better than perfect! There have been so many projects around here lately that I find myself wanting to make perfect…and then realize, no! It’ll never be perfect! Let’s just go for DONE.

Today Elizabeth and I are sharing how we did with our B+ goals in June and what we plan to do in July. Link up with us!

So, here’s how I did in June:

+Get rid of outgrown baby stuff: IN PROGRESS

Guess what? I was just thinking…wow, we’re going to through all this stuff fast…I don’t need this Boppy or these bottles…hmmm…wonder if my friend is planning to have a baby anytime soon, so I can give her these things…

And then my friend called me. To say she’s having a baby! Woohoo! You are now the recipient of ALL THESE THINGS! So, not only am I getting rid of all my baby stuff, but I’m able to give it all to my good friend. That, my friends, is a WIN-WIN! I’m calling this, a strong in progress because I keep finding stuff, but I’m making an organized pile, so we can give it all to my pal all at once.

+Go through my closet. Again.: IN PROGRESS

My body has been on a seven year roller coaster between pregnancies and breastfeeding. I’m one of those lucky women who hangs onto weight while nursing. Those women who loose weight while breastfeeding? Yeah. That’s not me.

But! When I’m done (I weaned Thomas a couple of weeks ago.), that’s when my body is like: Hooray! I no longer need to eat every 90 seconds, and I don’t need to store all this fat! So, I’ve been through a good portion of my closet, ordered a hearty amount of things from Loft’s 50% off sale, and I’m waiting for those things to come in, so I can reassess now that I’m no longer a milk machine and my t-shirts are now loose.

Also, I have NO bras. My pre-Thomas bras are both too tight and too loose. So I only wear sports bras… HA! Maybe I should make a July B+ goal to find bras… Except I find bra shopping to be a horrible use of my time. Even though I don’t own any that fit. RIDDLE ME THAT!

+Get in door plants: COMPLETE

This is complete. But now that I have in door plants, I want MORE in door plants. ALL THE PLANTS. Costco sells a three-pack of succulents, so, obviously, I needed two three-packs. I have one set on display on our shelf in our kitchen and another in my office.

Dan also hung a spider plant above the kitchen sink, and I LOVE it so much that I want another one. I also a giant potted plant like a Fiddle Leaf. Anyone have any experience with those?

+Get interviews scheduled for my book: IN PROGRESS

One big win. I completed my interview with a Hindu Priest. But I’m still struggling to get the interviewed scheduled with an Islamic leader. Since it’s the summer, and people are on vacation, it’s tough to get a date. But, I’m not giving up!

+Transcribe interviews: IN PROGRESS

I wised up, and I’m going to hire a transcriber to transcribe for me.

Okay, so sort of a lot of in-progress items. But that’s okay! Here’s what I want to do in July:

+Re-organize and re-decorate the playroom.

We are fortunate to have this space. However, it is a glorified toy closet. The kids don’t want to go in there. And neither do I. But, it’s a great room. It’s a good size, a beautiful space. It just needs some attention.

+Get those last book interviews scheduled.

My big goal is to have all the interviews complete (and transcripts done) by the end of the summer.

+Plan a vacation with Dan.

I’m going to Sedona to see those girls next door in September. But the last time Dan and I went somewhere together was four years ago. Whomp, whomp. We’re thinking about going to either Tahoe or New Mexico. We need to firm this up before I decided that leaving the kids is too hard and back out.

+Re-work my blog categories.

I like to redesign my site every year, and when I do that, it’s helpful if my content is well organized.

+Start planning Season 4 of the podcast.

I’ve got a lot of ideas for Season 4, and it’ll be here before I know it, so I need to start planning how I want to structure the interviews and start contacting the guests I want to have on the show.

+Experiment with more video.

I’ve been experimenting with Facebook live videos (you can see the ones I’ve done on my Facebook page), and I’m enjoying them! I really love video as a medium. Something that is holding me back is the actual camera. I have a DSLR, but it’s so hard for me to use it to record myself. I can’t ever tell if I’m in focus, I don’t have a monitor, so I can’t see if I’m in the frame, I can’t ever get the lighting right, etc… So, I’m researching a “vlogging” type camera with a pop up screen, so I can see what I’m doing. There are so many that offer great quality but are much easier for one person to operate.

That should do it for me for July! How did you do in June? And what do you have planned for July?