Currently // July 2016

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Loving summer. I realize every year how much I love summer more and more. I need to see and feel the sun.

Reading When Breath Becomes Air. So good. So gut wrenching. But so good.

Looking forward to our beach trip next month.

Taking Beatrice for evening walks and enjoying our alone time together.

Listening to Happier. I can’t get enough!

Drinking cold brew coffee I made myself! It’s surprisingly easy!

Writing on my new laptop. And loving it so much.

Making plans for the fall.

Thinking about a new structure for Season 4 of The Sarah R. Bagley Podcast. Did you take my survey?!

Reaching out to cool guests for the next season.

Enjoying recording 25% Friends with Kim.

Swimming every day.

Trying not to look too far ahead and feel sad about having only just over a month left of the pool.

Meeting new friends at the pool and thinking about how we can stay connected during the off season.

Looking outside and smiling at the deck, fence, and all the landscaping work Dan did to truly transform our backyard.

Voxing. So much voxing. And I love it.

Taking a photography class and having so much fun learning how to take better pictures.

Needing a system and strategy for managing all these photos. SOS!

Testing out my new ring light. I think it’s going seriously up my video game.

Using Asana and trying to get everyone at my part-time job to join me (and by “trying” I mean “aggressively suggesting.”)

Contemplating all the cool insights in the episode on Freakonomics on how to be more productive. So inspiring!

Saying goodbye to July in just a couple days. I cannot believe it!

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