Around Here Lately // Vol. 27

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Around here lately, I’m practicing shooting in manual mode. Well…I’ve been shooting in manual mode for several years. But it’s time to up my game.

I took a crash course in manual two years ago, and I loved it so much, I beg the instructor to teach an advanced class. Lots of life stuff got in the way. But, we finally got something together, and I had my first advance class last week. We’re working on lighting, so my homework this week was to take photos using only window light, then take a portrait outside with sunlight, and then use an alternative light source like a candle or a glow from a screen (laptop, iPad, etc…). I got my candle picture in during Thomas’s birthday dinner, and I’ve been shooting various other portraits using window light. I haven’t been outside yet because it’s been so hot! I’m going to try to grab those pictures this weekend.

Happy weekend!

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