B+ Goals // August 2016

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B+ Goals

Well this summer has just about flown by! Everyone I talk to remarks on how quickly the summer is moving. This is good because…school gives me a break from at least a few of my children. And not good because I love the sunny days and the warm weather.

Anyway! Time to talk goals. Be sure to check out Elizabeth’s blog to read her recap and see what she plans to do in August.

I feel like I didn’t get to as much personal goals this month. I’ve been busy wrapping up some work projects, which is great because they are things that have been hanging out there a while, and it feels so good to get them wrapped up. But that means I didn’t get to as many personal things. But, that’s how it goes sometimes, right? Anyway, here’s how I did in July:





+Re-organize and re-decorate the playroom: COMPLETE

I’m going to write up a whole post about this, but I’m super pleased with how this turned out.

+Get those last book interviews scheduled: IN PROGRESS

I did get my last interview transcribed! I’m trying to schedule my last two interviews. I’ve been playing e-mail tag with one source. I hope to get these nailed down soon!

+Plan a vacation with Dan: COMPLETE

Complete except that…we’re not taking a trip just the two of us…we’re taking Kate to Disney instead. So, as we were planning our trip for just the two of us in October, Dan had a work trip come up at Disney World. Kate has been begging to go. Since the trade show Dan has for work is AT a Disney hotel, we could not pass up taking Kate. So instead of a romantic trip, we will be spending two days at Disney with our six-year-old. But we’re looking forward to this because she’s at a fun age, and we don’t need to help her do things (like go to the bathroom), and she can easily go to sleep and doesn’t need to nap.

+Re-work my blog categories: IN PROGRESS

Since I like to write on so many different topics, I have a lot of micro-categories. I’m working on my site redesign and thinking about how I want my work to display. Once I have a better idea about that, I will be able to finish this up.

+Start planning Season 4 of the podcast: COMPLETE

I created a new show intro, and I think I have the new format nailed down.

+Experiment with more video: IN PROGRESS

I purchased a ring light and that has improved my lighting situation 100%. When Liz was over for Thomas’s birthday, she helped me come up with a good place to shoot, so I’m working on scheduling my recordings.

Given that it’s summer, and I have limited child care, I think these goals went about as good as possible. Here’s what I want to do in August:

+Use the Stylebook app.

Several months ago, I researched several different types of closet apps, and I was impressed with Stylebook. But I didn’t want to pay $3.99. But then I looked around again and Stylebook really seemed like the most robust. So I paid $3.99 for it. I just bought it, so this month, I want to start importing pictures of all my clothes. I love clothes (I always wanted that closet matching system, a la Cher in Clueless), and I love organization, so this is the best of both worlds.

+Practice manual mode on my DSLR.

I’m taking a photography class, and I’m just loving it. I feel like I’ve already learned so much, and we just got started. My instructor provides us with shooting prompts, so I want to be sure to complete those. But I also want to do more! The more I shoot, the better my pictures.

+Try out vlogging.

Several years ago, I participated in VEDA, which was/is Vlog Every Day in August. It was a lot of fun! I’m going to try my hand at it again this August. In the past I’ve gotten hung up about vlogging because I either have to shoot with my DSLR to achieve high quality video (which is tricky on the go because it’s heavy, and I can’t see if I’m in frame). Or go with my iPhone which is super easy to use but definitely not as great quality. I’m going to try out both, my DSLR when I can and my iPhone when it makes sense.

+Make progress on a blog redesign.

I LOVE redesigning my website, and I like to do it about once a year. Well, I’m coming up on a year this month! I might not be able to finish it, but I want to make a good start.

+Make the most of the rest of the summer.

I wasn’t sure how the summer would go. And I’ve been having so much fun. And I’ve been getting plenty frustrated. The most fun thing has definitely been the pool. Kate loved swim team, and I’ve loved getting to know all the families at the pool. We’re so lucky to have such great families at our pool. I want to make the most of the rest of the summer before school starts. Maybe we can even get in the trip to the zoo!

Okay, how did your July goals go? What about August?

  • aninchofgray

    All of these projects sound impressive!

  • Marie

    Your playroom looks amazing, and I love the special cameos. 😉

    A trip to Disney sounds fantastic!! Kate is going to have a magical experience!

  • A redesign sounds fun!

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