B+ Goals // September 2016

September 7, 2016 Uncategorized, Wellness 0

IMG_1864Oh, August. You’ve been fun. And like a kick in the teeth. I think anytime we’re transitioning between two phases  is tough. We’re getting ready to say goodbye to summer and no schedule and hello to fall and the school year requirements. On the one hand, I’m ready for a routine. And on the other hand, I love the long, hot, sunny days of summer where I’m NOT driving kids to and fro.

But, no sense in fighting it! September’s here, ready or not!

So let’s review the August B+ goals. True story: I wrote that August B+ goals post…and then I didn’t look at it again until this very morning.

Here’s how I did:

+Use the Stylebook app: I TRIED

I downloaded it. I watched the tutorials. I tried to take photos of my clothes. Ugh. I must have the wrong colored sheet to use as a backdrop. This was a total pain in the butt. I’d love to have this tool. But I’m not sure I’m willing to put in the work. Thoughts?

+Practice manual mode on my DSLR: COMPLETE

Really, this is a life-long goal, this one of taking good pictures. I brought my camera on our beach vacation, and I made a valiant effort to take pictures of my family. And I’m pleased with how the pictures turned out! Especially since I was sitting in the water to take those pictures! Shooting at the beach is HARD. The light has to be just right (Or you need to be more talented than me. Or both!).

+Try out vlogging: NOPE.


+Make progress on a blog redesign: IN PROGRESS

And really good progress. It’s up. It functions. I need to work on the sidebar. And update the About Me and a couple other pages.

+Make the most of the rest of the summer: COMPLETE

Yep. I feel I did this. As I said in my introduction, I’m feeling both happy and sad to see the summer go. It went by quickly, and I feel I did the best I could with very limited childcare, working, and three kids of very different ages.

Okay, moving on to September’s goals:

+Finish updating my blog

I need a new head shot, I need to update the About Me, I need to update the sidebar, and I need to decide if I need any other pages.

+Order photos for picture frames

I have three huge IKEA picture frames hanging in my hallway. Empty.

+Try out vlogging one more time

Part of the issue is, I have trouble filming on the go with my DSLR because it’s heavy, and I can’t tell if I’m in focus. So I tried using my iPhone. But it was using up all my storage, and the audio was always out of sync with my mouth. After much angst, I purchased a small point and shoot with a flip screen that takes video. I hemmed and hawed about if I should get a higher end one…but I decided to go this route, see if I liked shooting this type of video, and reassess.

+Take more photos

My photography class finishes up this month (WAH!), so I want to end strong and take as many photos as possible. I’ve had a lot of fun taking this class, and I’m hoping my instructor wants to teach a follow up class! My goal is to take more everyday, home photojournalism pictures.

Okay, I think that’s good for this month! What are you working on? Be sure to link up with Elizabeth and me and let us know what you’re working on!