Why BodyStep? // What to Expect + Benefits

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I love BodyPump and RPM, but my first love was BodyStep. When I decided to pursue teaching, I weighed all the formats, and my good friend and mentor, Kim, said my first format should be the one I loved the most. And that was easy. BodyStep.

When training instructors, Les Mills talks a lot about teaching in the essence of the program.  Each program has a different vibe. BodyPump is all business. BodyFlow is zen like. RPM is intense.

BodyStep is energetic and fun. It’s woohoo! It doesn’t take itself too seriously while still getting a serious workout.

So, what can you expect from a BodyStep class, and why should you do it?

What is BodyStep?

BodyStep is an energizing modern step workout that makes you feel alive. The cardio blocks push your fat burning systems into high gear, getting you fitter, faster. Recently, BodyStep split into two workouts: BodyStep Classic and BodyStep Athletic. I teach both.

BodyStep Classic features 10 working tracks: Warm Up, Step Warm Up, Step Orientation, Peak 1, Mix Strength, Peak 2, Step Recovery, Party Step, Speed Step, Peak 3, Recovery/Conditioning, and Cool Down/Stretch.

BodyStep Atheltic features a slightly different format: Warm Up, Step Orientation Athletic, Peak 1, Mix Strength, Peak 2, Step Recovery, Peak 3, Athletic Circuit, Recovery/Conditioning, and Cool Down/Stretch.

So, for Step Athletic, I’m swapping out three tracks and replacing them with more HIIT like tracks.

What can I expect?

The first time you try BodyStep, it’ll feel confusing. There’s lots of jargon. And we’re going left and right and left and right. And on top and over the top. It takes about three classes to get used to the music and moves.

BodyStep is high energy. There’s lot of jumping. There’s lots of arm movements. That being said, BodyStep also offers so many options. You can always take the lower option and cut out jumps, big arm movements, etc… Make it your workout.

What equipment do I need?

You’ll need a bench with two risers under each side for tracks 1-4, then you’ll remove one set of risers for tracks 5, 6, 7, and 8. For track 9, you’ll take your bench to the floor.  And for track 10, you’ll put back one set of risers on each side.  Why?  Because this is what’s safe.  You won’t get a better work out by keeping two sets of risers under your bench for tracks beyond track 4.  You’ll most likely end up hurt.  Because the moves aren’t make for you to have two risers underneath.

If you’re new to group fitness, I’d start with just one riser under each side.  Or even no risers.  You can do BodyStep with just the bench top.  And then once you get to feeling more confident, put the risers under and see how you feel.

No one will make you feel bad.  I have members who never put risers under their bench and do the whole thing with their bench top.

I’m not coordinated. Can I still take BodyStep?

Yes! It will take a few classes, but you will get the hang of it, I promise! At first, keep your bench low and focus on your feet before adding arm and hand movements. Also, get to class early or catch your instructor after class and ask for a mini tutorial. I’m always happy to go over any move, and any good instructor feels the same.

I’m pregnant/de-conditioned/had a previous injury. Can I take Bodystep?

I taught BodyStep through all three of my pregnancies. But, check with your doctor before taking a class. And once you get the okay, let your instructor know so he or she can offer suggestions and alternatives to certain moves that just won’t be comfortable for you as your belly grows.

If you’re just coming back to exercising, BodyStep is a great choice because there are so many options and ways to alter the workout to meet you where you are. And if you’re coming back after an injury, same thing. Make the workout your own as you recover.

What are the benefits of a BodyStep workout?

So many! BodyStep increases your endurance, balance, and overall fitness. Since the BodyStep workout is so varied, it works all your muscles and increases your overall fitness. And that’s just the physical benefits! BodyStep is so fun and energizing, it just makes you feel good. It’s just so much fun.

Any questions? Leave them for me in the comments. Are you a BodyStep lover?! Let me know!

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