B+ Goals // October 2016

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Oh man! Where did September go?! I never say that. Usually I find that time passes soooooo slooooooowly. But not this month!

It’s time to link up with Elizabeth and review how I did with my B+ goals for September! Here’s the Cliff Notes version: WHOMP WHOMP

+Finish updating my blog: IN PROGRESS

Nope! Well. I did do LOTS of things for my blog. But not the thing I set out to do. I planned to update my headshot, the about me page, the sidebar, and a couple other pages. I did not do those things. BUT! On my retreat to Sedona, I wrote 20+ blog posts and came up with an editorial calendar. So, I’d say that’s pretty good!

+Order photos for picture frames: HIT AND MISS

I ordered the engineer prints for my hallway picture frames. And it was like a Goldilocks moment. I have three frames. One print fit perfectly! One was way too small! And one was even smaller! I have NO idea how that happened, since they are all the same size photo. I put them in the frames anyway. Maybe next month I’ll reorder the other two in the correct size.

+Try out vlogging one more time: IN PROGRESS

I ordered a camera, and I shot a bunch of footage. And then did nothing with it! Classic! There’s always next month!

+Take more photos: IN PROGRESS

I did take more photos, but I always need to take more! I finished my photography class (WAH! I loved that class, and I’m twisting on the instructor’s arm to do another one). I find I take the most pictures when I participate in something like Week in the Life, so I’m trying to think of something I can do like that on my own.

I feel like I accomplished a lot in September…just not the things I thought I would accomplish. I’m taking on more hours at work, so I used most of this month to hire some help (!!!) and think through what I need to (and want to) accomplish for work and my personal work. Plus, transitioning back to school has felt like a slap in the face!

So, here are some hopefully do-able goals for October:

+Send out my new e-newsletter

I enjoy writing my e-newsletter, but I haven’t been able to get it going recently. I have some fun ideas, so I hope to have it up and running again this month.

+Investigate essential oils

I know I’m late to the game on this. A friend of mine was diffusing oil when I was at her house, and it smelled so good and created this calm atmosphere. I love good smells, but I’m sensitive to scents (I get headaches walking into Bath and Body Works). But this oil she was diffusing smelled and felt different. But I know less than zero about it.

+Create a new work at home mom schedule

As I said, I’m increasing my hours at work, and I found the most delightful young lady to nanny for me, so I’m working on creating a good work-at-home mom schedule. I feel like I can take a deep breath for the first time in…six years? It’s taken me a long time to accept help, but now it’s no longer optional. I’m excited to get our new routine going!

+Take a small step with a new idea

As a work-at-home mom, I’m probably the loneliest I’ve ever been. I’ve started reaching out to other work-at-home moms and finding that they feel the same way! Then why on Earth do we continue to suffer?! I spoke with a fellow local entrepreneur and work-at-home mom the other day, and we chatted about how we could better support each other. I need another thing to do like I need a hole in the head. BUT! I feel so passionate about this that I can’t not do something. I’m thinking about how I can take a small step with this idea.

Okay, that’s it for me! So, how did your September go? And what do you have planned for October?

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  • Essential oils! I just got into them in the last couple of months and there is a lot to learn but it’s worth it. I’ve been using Doterra and am in love! They smell great (diffusing eucalyptus & lime right now) and are great natural remedies for various things.

    • My diffuser is coming today! I’m SO excited! I love scents! What’s your favorite?

      • I love all the citrus scents (lime, lemon, grapefruit, etc) because they’re so fresh, clean, and uplifting. 2 of my fave Doterra blends are OnGuard (smells amazing and good for immune system!) and Balance (I love this especially on work days with 25 preschoolers. I have a diffuser necklace from Aroma Couture; put a couple drops in and I can smell it whenever I need a calm moment through the day).

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