Around Here Lately // Vol. 32

October 14th, 2016 Posted by Life, Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “Around Here Lately // Vol. 32”

Phew! What a week! This week I started upping my hours for work. It’s nice to be able to start a project (with intention) and see it through. Previously, tasks took me a while because I only had 5 to 10 minute chunks to work. And now I have a nice, long stretch of time. I’m working my to-do list to keep myself on track and on task. So far, so good.

I also recorded two podcasts with two amazing women. We talked about fear, comparison, women in leadership, etc… I love recording this podcast because it gives me the opportunity to speak with powerful and influential women. I can wait to share these episodes with you!

This week I also went through my closet – again – and sent away a bag full of stuff to ThredUp. Have ever used ThredUp? It looks great. I love how I can send them my very gently used clothes, and if there’s anything they don’t want, they will responsibility recycle it. Win-win.

Also, this week, Thomas decided he gives ZERO f*cks about the household rules. No standing on the table? Psh! I don’t care. He’s not even 15 months, and he’s FULL ON TODDLER.

I also picked up the brand new Magnolia Journal. I mean, Chip and Joanna. Is there anything they can’t do?! It was a good read. If you see it, it’s worth picking up.

Here’s a few links I liked this week:

+On fear, criticism, scraps, and feast. Yep. That Ashlee, she’s got a way with words.

+Quartz is all the rage. Is it right for your house?

+I think I need three of these bracelets – one for each of my kids.

+Beatrice is currently sleeping on an old Costco dog bed…that smells. And I can’t get the smell out. I obviously want one of these. It would match my office decor perfectly (not to mention – waterproof and washable!).

This weekend Kate has a soccer game, and then, on Sunday afternoon, we’re taking Kate on a quick, surprise trip. Dan and I’ve been keeping it a secret for months. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when we tell her where we’re going.

Have a great weekend!

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