#reverb16 / Day 28 / Resolutions

December 28th, 2016 Posted by Connection, Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “#reverb16 / Day 28 / Resolutions”

It’s #reverb time! What’s that? Read more here.

Prompt for Day 28:

Resolutions.  We don’t all make new year’s resolutions.  If you are making them, what is your biggest priority?  If you aren’t, tell us why – what is your experience or opinion on resolutions?

I’m still in the process of defining how I want to build my 2017. But I have been thinking a lot about goals vs. expectations vs. outcomes.

I’m an Upholder, so I love setting goals, and I can work towards them without much fuss. I don’t need external accountability. But I do have time constraints (like all people do). So I can’t set 1 trillion goals. Because no one has time for that.

So I’m thinking about how I can set realistic and achievable goals and how to create a love for the process, e.g. the whole point!

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