#reverb16 / Day 29 / Habits

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It’s #reverb time! What’s that? Read more here.

Prompt for Day 29:

Habits.  Tell us one habit you would really like to undo in the new year – what is your strategy?  Will you replace it with a good habit instead?

I’m an Upholder, and I LOVE habits. I love thinking about habits, creating new habits, dissecting habits, using habits to get the most out of my time.

So there are the good habits. The exercise habit, the healthy eating habit, the writing habit, the creative habits.

And the not-so-good habits. The negative self talk habit. The perfectionism habit. The letting my inner critic rule my life habit.

I’ve spent the better part of my life working to get rid of those bad ones, recognizing those sneaky bad mental health habits. After lots of personal work, I’m learning to recognize when I’m falling back into those bad self-talk habits and replace them with self-acceptance habits.

The biggest ah ha moment for me this year was when I realized why I felt I had so much more time even though I had more responsibilities that I’ve ever had.

It’s because I don’t allow the negative self-talk habits into my mind.

And therefore freed up so much mental space.

And when I wasn’t using that mental space to treat myself poorly, I could use it to do all the things.

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