Podcast #170 // Wendy Sachs on being Fearless and Free

I LOVED this conversation with Wendy Sachs! We had the best real talk about motherhood, careers, and faking it until we make it.

Wendy  is a master of the career pivot. An Emmy-award winning TV news producer, Wendy has worked at Dateline, NBC, Fox, and CNN. She was also a Capitol Hill press secretary and editor-in-chief of Care.com. We are in the midst of a wild job market. Technology has disrupted nearly every industry, blowing up many careers, but creating millions more. Many women feel forced to pivot to stay relevant or may be struggling to get back into the workforce after taking time off to raise kids.

In this episode, we talk about staying relevant, keeping one foot in our careers, and lots more lessons that can help all women in all stages of their careers succeed.
Fearless and Free empowers women with successful lessons from Silicon Valley that can help us pivot in any career. Wendy and I talked about facing fears, roadblocks, and failures to reinvent themselves. The book weaves their insights and experiences together with current research and actionable advice.

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