Podcast #172 // Kristy Rodriguez on Pure Nurture

It’s an honor to have my friend, Kristy Rodriguez, on the show today! Kristy and I met through our local mom’s group; I loved her message when I met her, and I love how she’s developed her company, Pure Nurture.

Kristy S. Rodriguez, pre- and postnatal wellness expert and advocate, is the owner and founder of Pure Nurture, LLC, a business devoted to educating and inspiring women to nurture and nourish themselves through pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. As a Holistic Health Coach and Registered Yoga Teacher specializing in pre- and postnatal wellness, Kristy works with individual clients, as well as teaching classes and workshops, both in person and online.

Her passion for prenatal health and wellness began while she was pregnant with her first daughter. After giving birth to her second daughter, she decided to dedicate her work to supporting women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, as well as mothers of newborns. With her cumulated years of experience in education and health, she brings extensive knowledge, personal experience, and deep compassion to her students. In a supportive, non-judgmental way, Kristy helps her clients and students live healthier, happier, more energetic lives.

In this show, we talk about her first book, Pure Nurture, a short and sweet guide for moms-to-be on how to nurture themselves during their pregnancies. We talked all about our pregnancies, guilt, and why it’s so important to nurture ourselves.

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