Podcast #188 // Debra Woog on Connect2

Today’s guest is Debra Woog of Connect2, career and leadership coaching for women. Debra coaches women professionals to accelerate their individual development and career growth with outstanding communications.  For 25 years, she has successfully led clients to find new roles, create more fulfilling work life balance, and demonstrate productive, heart-based leadership. Via her coaching and speaking, Debra guides leaders, experts, educators, consultants and other creative professionals to align their leadership choices with their brilliance and unique definitions of success, so that they transform from feeling time-crunched and overwhelmed to joy-filled and at ease, in their lives and work.

In this episode we chatted about our brilliance, how our seemingly disparate interests actually connect, and Debra’s Competence Archetype Assessment. Debra and I talked about finding our brilliance and what makes us unique, the high cost of hyper competence (my personal struggle), and our unique definition of success.

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