Podcast #204 // Liz Bohannon on Sseko Designs

September 12th, 2017 Posted by Podcast, The Sarah R. Bagley Podcast 0 thoughts on “Podcast #204 // Liz Bohannon on Sseko Designs”

Today’s guest is Liz Bohannon, founder of Sseko Designs, an ethical fashion brand that is using fashion and design to help bright & brave young women in East Africa continue on to university. To date we’ve enabled 87 women in Uganda to go to college, pursue their dreams and become change makers in their communities. Upon graduating college, Liz moved to Uganda to assist in the communications efforts for a youth development organization based in Kampala. While there, Liz met an incredible group of talented young women who were struggling to finance their education. She wanted to find a way to help them attend university, and that’s how Sseko was born.

In this episode we chat about how Liz changed directions from journalism to entrepreneur, her ups and downs along the way, and how she created a socially responsible company. Using her unlikely story of a journalist-gone-shoemaker, Liz shares her passion for social enterprise, conscious consumerism, social justice, creative leadership, gender equity, risk-taking, and empowering women. She believes deeply that business is a powerful platform for social change and that girls are our future.

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