Podcast #207 // Anne Mauney on Food, Blogging, & Entrepreneurship

September 26, 2017 Podcast, The Sarah R. Bagley Podcast 0


I met Anne through our mutual friend, Lisa, and I knew I had to interview her on the podcast! Anne is a registered dietician helping others live happier, healthier lives, no dieting or calorie counting required! That’s my food philosophy, too!

In this episode, Anne and I chat about her journey and how she came to be a registered dietician, what a dietician is and how it’s different from a nutritionist, how she helps her clients without creating strict diet plans, creating a healthy relationship with our bodies, and so much more.

We also chat about how and why she created her blog, and how she’s grown a huge following and makes an income through her blog.

To read Anne’s blog, click here, and to learn about her one-on-one client work, click here. And to follow Anne on Instagram for all sorts of food and exercise inspiration, follow her here.

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