Podcast #218 // Chelsea Crockett on YouTube Fame and Your Own Beautiful

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I had the sweetest conversation with Chelsea Crockett, new author and YouTube star. In this episode, Chelsea and I chat about how she got into video and YouTube and how she felt when her channel took off and boosted over 1 million subscribers. We also spoke about her new book, Your Own Beautiful.

In a culture where media is constantly telling young women they have to look a certain way to be beautiful, there is a lot of pressure to conform to the world’s skewed definition of beauty. In Your Own Beautiful, YouTube sensation Chelsea Crockett shares her trademark beauty tips while challenging girls to be their own kind of beautiful.

Chelsea also shares her personal story of leaving college and receiving a depression diagnosis. We also discussed how to spread positivity online and living the bigger life. Chelsea speaks with such confidence and bravery. It was an honor to speak with her.

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