Podcast #221 // Francesca Montillo on Italy, Family, and Food

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Warning! Listening to this episode on an empty stomach might make you hungry! Today Francesca M0ntillo joins me on the show to talk about food, family, and Italy. Francesca was born and raised for part of her childhood in Italy, which later informed her business, the Lazy Italian, a small company offering week-long culinary tours to Italy as well as private Italian cooking classes either in her clients’ homes or her own home. Additionally, she teaches at several adult education centers in the Boston area, namely in Cambridge, Arlington and Brookline.

Francesca grew up in Southern Italy to avid home cooks and bakers and who have in turn passed on those traditions, and cooking skills to her. In this show, Francesca shares her fond memories of family meals lasting from lunch to dinner, Christmas Eve meals requiring days of preparation, and growing and picking (by hand!) olives from our olive trees to make our yearly supply of olive oil. Her father was a merchant selling local produce, so whatever went unsold on any given day would become dinner, which was always fresh, inventive and in season.
We talk about all things Italian, the value of family and family dinners, cooking, and entrepreneurship.

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