Podcast #225 // Janet Hamilton on Entrepreneurship, Kickstarter, and Making Sustainable Leather Bags

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I have a fun and inspiring show for you today! Janet Hamilton is the Founder and Creator of Farrier Leather, bags designed with life in mind. Janet and I “met” several years ago when I came across a survey posted to my mom’s group about a local female entrepreneur looking for feedback on handbag design. I’m crazy for handbags, so I filled out the survey with all the things I love and hate about bags.

Fast forward a year or so, and I see Janet pop up on Facebook with a Kickstarter campaign for a handbag design that came out of those surveys. As soon as I saw that video on Kickstarter, I messaged her and asked her to please be on the show!

In this episode we dive deep into doing things we’re scared of (and have no idea knowing how to do), all that goes in to finding suppliers for leather handbags (and I get a lesson in tanning!), and the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Janet  is also passionate about sustainability, so anyone interested in more eco-friendly fashion will love this episode.

I love bring inspiring stories to my audience, and I hope you feel as inspired as I do.

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