Podcast #230 // Athleta Ambassadors Real Talk on the Fitness Industry, Confidence, and the Power of She

What a pleasure to sit down with my fellow Athleta Brand Ambassadors and talk all about the fitness industry, the pressure (or not) to “look the part,” body image, confidence, and, of course, leggings!

I’ve so enjoyed getting to know Carolyn, Kat, and Jane, and this conversation centered around the Power of She was empowering and fun. I appreciate each of my fellow ambassadors sharing with my audience, and I hope you walk away from this episode as fired up about connecting and collaboration as I was.

We touched on:

+Our favorite Athleta pieces

+Body image and the fitness industry

+How we each got in to the fitness industry

+Why we love group fitness and building our group fitness tribe

+How the Power of She factors in to our lives

+Creating community

Find my fellow ambassadors here:

+Jane Bahneman

Jane owns Blue Nectar Yoga in Falls Church, VA. Go take a class! Tell her I sent you!

+Kat Gacesa

Kat teaches at Vortex! Go take a ride!

+Carolyn Weininger

Carolyn teaches all over Northern Virginia. Check out her site here.

+Lauren Buckner (who sadly couldn’t be with us, but you must check her out because she’s a star in the training industry!)

Lauren is a sought-after training machine. Go check her out!

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