Podcast #231 // Zlata Sushchik on Body Image, Wellness, and Sexy Fit

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Today’s episode is perfect if you’re thinking about a health and/or wellness goal for 2018. Zlata Sushchik, a nutrition and fitness coach, created SexyFit. SexyFit an online nutrition and fitness coaching company that has transformed hundreds of women by helping them achieve a lasting lifestyle change, find unstoppable confidence, and love their body by using fitness as a foundation for success.

In this episode we chat about the SexyFit method of fitness and wellness and Zlata’s new book, The SexyFit Method: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Complete Food Freedom, Loving Your Body, and Reclaiming Your Life.

While today Zlata is known as a health and wellness expert, she didn’t start out that way.  Zlata grew up in Moscow, Russia, and moved to the U.S. at age 16 only knowing two English words: “Hello“ and “Big Mac.” She began her fitness journey after being publicly shamed by a gym teacher for her weight.

From bullied teen immigrant to bodybuilder and beauty pageant queen, Zlata went through her fair share of struggles with yo-yo dieting, extensive gym workouts, and feeling like getting in shape was a full-time job – which, for her, it was. After winning or placing in the top five in more than 26 state, national, and international shows, Zlata was forced to leave her career after experiencing health complications caused by traditional approaches to getting in shape.

Sexyfit was created out of the notion that every woman is sexy in her own way and deserves to feel confident in her body. Zlata helps women break up with unrealistic beauty standards and escape the “I’m not enough” mindset, as well as the guilt and anxiety around food. Zlata has combined her fitness knowledge with the expertise of the more than 300 top researchers, coaches, and nutritionists whom she on interviews on her podcast.

In this show we go through the five-step formula for SexyFit to give women a body they love – on their terms.

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