Podcast #235 // Andrea Owen on How To Stop Feeling Like Sh!t

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Andrea Owen is an author, podcaster, and certified life coach who helps women get what they want by letting go of perfectionism, control, and isolation and choosing to practice courage instead. She is the proud author of 52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life: BS Free Wisdom to Ignite Your Inner Badass and Live the Life You Deserve. Andrea has helped thousands of women manage their inner-critic to create loving connections and live their most kick-ass life.
In this episode Andrea and I take a deep dive into her latest book, How to Stop Feeling Like Sh!t: 14 Habits that are Holding You Back from Happiness. We talk about:
+How Andrea hit bottom in 2007 with a messy divorce, skidded into another toxic relationship, and had to start all over.
+How she decided to take radical responsibility and change the direction of her life.
+Overcoming people pleasing, perfectionism, and the need to control.
+Managing the inner critic.
+Why the concept of “‘being strong” and giving “zero f!cks” is actually harming us.
Throughout this episode, Andrea and I both share our vulnerabilities and insecurities. We open up about our fears, weaknesses, and worries. This is real talk about imposter syndrome, not feeling like enough, and how we can change that self-talk to take on our goals, ambitions, and desires.
PS: This is the second time I’ve had Andrea on the show. Listen to the first episode here.

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