Podcast #236 // Kristen Kill on Finding Selah

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Stretched beyond her capacity in raising a large family in the middle of Manhattan, Kristen Kill longed for something she did not know had a name—until she found it in the Psalms.

Kristen and her husband moved to New York City with four (now 5) small children. Kristen writes that “as our life swelled, my heart began to shrink.” But just as before, Kristen found respite in the concept of selah – of taking a pause, a break, a breath. From ivy rustling in the wind on a street corner to baking with her kids and coffee with friends, Kristen found rest and fully changed her and her faith.

Quite literally selah means interlude. If the Psalms were written as music, selah was the signal to the musicians to rest. “Even at the height of these measures, voices and instruments would hush. Silence would linger. There was space to take a breath. Release. Relief.”

As she continued to study to Psalms, she examined where these rests and pauses occurred – seventy-one times total – she began to see selah in her own life and saw the importance of creating these moments of rest, of silence to connect with God. Finding Selah offers hope for anyone hungry for the peace of God amidst the craziest of days.

In this episode we dive deep into this concept of pausing. Kristen and I talk about why we’re resistant to pause (because we’d have to come face to face with our thought!), and how we can come to befriend the pause. This encouraging, heart-warming, open, and honest conversation left me feeling inspired and willing to take a pause to listen to my thoughts and what my inner voice is trying to tell me.

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