Podcast #237 // Alli Worthington on Fighting Fear, Anxiety, and Worry

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Everyone carries anxiety on some level, unique to their specific personality and season of life. According to research, an estimated 18 million Americans struggle with anxiety, and women are 60 percent more likely to experience anxiety in their lifetime. But author and entrepreneur Alli Worthington is convinced there’s a better way—a way we can fight to live brave and unafraid.

In Fierce Faith: A Woman’s Guide to Fighting Fear, Wrestling Worry, and Overcoming Anxiety she lays out a blueprint for making the daily choice to not allow worry to dictate our lives – something she had to learn herself.

When an unexpected onslaught of tears caught her off guard in the Target parking lot, Worthington sought counsel from close friends and realized she had allowed fear to paralyze her. Once she was able to identify what situations in her life caused the fear, she was able to take steps to combat worry and anxiety in her life.

She shares practical and tangible ways readers can fight their own fear. Tackling eight universal fears women of all ages face—from the fear of rejection and betrayal to the constant worries moms entertain surrounding their children, Worthington asks the questions women are already thinking but are often too scared to voice. Through practical insight, Worthington leads readers on a journey to identify fear-based thinking, overcome the big and small worries in life, learn simple tricks to stop the anxiety spiral and live a more confident, less worry-filled life.

In this honest conversation, Alli and I both share our fears, worries, and anxieties and discuss strategies for working through those moments when we feel paralyzed with fear.

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