Podcast #238 // Heather Woodward on Intuition and Metaphysical Gifts

In this show, Heather Woodward explains how she made the move from work as an office manager to a psychic and tarot card reader. Does that feel like a wild stretch or what? Heather’s story is fascinating, and I love how she took a risk and changed career paths.

Heather also talks about her childhood and how her religious background and how both of her parent’s psychic abilities influenced her eventual career. She also explains what being a psychic means and her belief that we’re all psychic – if we choose to listen to ourselves. I love how Heather talks about the power of listening to our gut and how listening to our gut helps us tap into the universe.

In this episode Heather takes something that feels woo-woo and makes it tangible and relatable.

This interview is fascinating, and I loved talking with Heather about all things metaphysical, intuition, and the power of connecting with yourself to make decisions, face obstacles, and tap into what’s true for you.

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