Podcast #239 // Ashlee Hurst on Love, Marriage, and Sex

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In their book, Hope For Your Marriage, Clayton and Ashlee Hurst candidly share the story of their ailing marriage, how they got it back on track, and the tools they’ve utilized to help tens of thousands of other couples do the same.

Five years into their marriage, Clayton and Ashlee found themselves hanging on by a thread – disconnected and “nothing more than roommates.” Feeling like there was nowhere to turn, they hid their struggles.

In Hope for Your Marriage, the Hursts combine their personal experience with biblical wisdom to address the most common roots of marital decay – communication issues, unforgiveness, unresolved tension, mishandled conflict and unrealistic expectations – revealing small, manageable changes that can be implemented to get a marriage back on the right track.

Ashlee Hurst and I had an honest and open conversation about sex, communication, and challenges in our own marriage. This vulnerable conversation got me thinking a lot about relationships. Real relationships aren’t like romantic comedies or sitcoms. Ashlee and I speak candidly about how we talk to our spouses about sex, vulnerabilities, and more.

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