Podcast #240 // Kayla Aimee on In Bloom: Trading Insecurity for Confidence

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It’s my honor to have my friend Kayla Aimee back on the podcast. This is the third time I’ve had Kayla on the show (listen to our first show here and our second show here), and speaking with Kayla is always encouraging and inspiring.

In this episode we talk about Kayla’s new book, In Bloom: Trading Restless Insecurity for Abiding Confidence. Kayla shares her story of feeling not good enough, trying to win affection from others, and people pleasing, a story I can  relate to too well. We both discuss feeling inadequate, not fitting in, and comparison.

I love this honest discussion about insecurity and what can happen when we learn to let go of those stories we tell ourselves. I hope this encouraging conversation lifts your spirit and resonates with your soul.

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