Podcast #241 // Andrea Bain on Single Girl Problems

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Have you ever felt insecure or upset when someone questions your life choices? Like, why you’re not married yet or when are you having children? Or when are you buying a house? Or when are you going to get a real job? Then this show is for you!

TV personality and author Andrea Bain joins me on the podcast to chat about living her life on her terms and her new book, Single Girl Problems. In this episode Andrea and I get real on how we feel when others question our life choices, and how we can respond to those inquiries. We also discuss the world of online dating, the importance of living on your own, healthy relationships, and more. We also chat about Andrea’s awesome career as a journalist and TV personality and what it’s really like to interview famous people.

This is an inspiring and fun-filled episodes with lots of laughs and encouragement for anyone who feels like they live against the grain.

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